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Hi, I'm Capucine


Beliefs to Action

Capucine believes that education is a fundamental right which includes the right to attend school and to have education delivered to the student in a way that allows them the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Capucine supports the authority of parents over the education of their children. She believes elected politicians and board trustees should be transparent and accountable to the public.Transparency, collaboration and accountability are key to getting students back on track. 

As a mother of an adult daughter with a learning disability, she knows what it's like to fight for her child's needs. With grace and determination she ensured her daughter was not marginalized nor bullied. It is every parents desire for their child to reach their full potential. 

My Story

Get To Know Capucine

  • Born and raised in Ajax, the daughter of a teacher  

  • Received both elementary and secondary education in Ajax, DDSB

  • Experienced in advocating for the special needs of her daughter who had learning challenges

  • Earned her Bachelor of Science Hon. specializing in Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Toronto 

  • Contributed to Cancer Research at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre through published works

  • Retrained to a career in energy production and holds a team leadership position within the Energy Sector

My Commitment

As an elected trustee I will be your link to the DDSB, to address your concerns, to serve the interests of students and families and hold the Director of Education accountable to the Board. 




Paper Clips

The Pledge

The Minister of Education has pledged $26.6B for the 2022-23 school year to:


  • Provide a province wide tutoring program

  • Modernize curriculum with coding, financial literacy with a renewed focus on science, technology, engineering and math

  • Hire 3,000 more staff 

  • Build new schools, renovate and upgrade ventilation 

  • Provide Student mental health supports 

  • Provide Supports for special education

  • Support parent choice with the option of remote learning 

  • Provide over $1.6B directly to parents to offset the costs of online learning and child care


As your school board trustee it will be my job to keep you informed to the progress of this pledge and ensure that the board holds the minister to his pledge.

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