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 Join me in getting our kids back on track
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Why I Am Running for School Board Trustee

Recent years have brought many challenges. Education and schooling in Ontario were profoundly disrupted. 


We had to change the way we worked and the way our children were taught without input from students, parents or educators. 


The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table findings suggest school closures impacted children’s academic achievement and lead to learning losses. Modelling suggests there could be long-term effects on students’ lifetime earnings and the national economy.

In response, Ontario launched its Plan to Catch up for the 2022-23 school year


Despite the challenges, as parents we learned what our kids are taught and the gaps in their education. As educators we learned there are challenges to educational delivery and supports. 


I believe parents should have a say in our kids education because they are our future. 


Evidence shows that education impacts economic growth, poverty reduction, health, and environmental sustainability. It is linked to better governance and stability.


When you vote for me as board trustee it is a vote for your voice at the table to get your child's education back on track. 


Your voice to ensure:

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Accountability 

  • Getting Back on Track


When you vote for Capucine, it is a vote for a better future.

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